FAQ: Project Resurgence: A New Oldschool cRPG
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!

Do you really think you can produce Episode 1 on this budget? Some things have to be missing...

Yes, we truly believe we can! The $160k goal is the number we arrived at by estimating the time to complete every planned feature, multiplied by a confidence factor (1.0-2.0) to account for unexpected problems. With this budget we will be able to produce a fun, polished, and complete experience as described on this campaign. Exceeding this goal will allow us to add even more depth and polish through stretch goals. Since this is a true passion project the NGS team will be working at wages that are well below the industry standard, working from home, and using our own hardware/software to keep costs down. You may also notice we didn’t mention marketing. Our marketing budget for this campaign is modest and coming from our own personal funds, depending mostly on word of mouth through the Cohhilition and our community. With mostly digital rewards our reward fulfilment costs will also be very minor, so we lumped those in with taxes and fees. We want to be as transparent as possible, so we’d be happy to provide more detailed numbers in an update, to help you all feel totally comfortable with our planned budget. Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:27 am EST

How is the episodic structure going to work?

The easiest way to describe it is similar to a book or movie series. Think of each of our episodes as it’s own self contained story arc, in a new area of the world. Each episode will have a satisfying conclusion to that arc, while also revealing a larger narrative thread across all five episodes. The story structure is actually closer to expansions or sequels. We felt the term “episodic” was fitting since you will need all episodes for the overarching story, and you have to play them in order. Your character and choices persist across all episodes, though companions will come and go based on the story and your choices. Episode one retails for $15, with each following episode going for $10 ($55 total). We plan to fund the later episodes from sales of the episode one, combined with additional investor/publisher deals and/or crowdfunding. We are committed to completing all five episodes, any way we possibly can. You have our word on that. Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:43 am EST

Two combat modes? Isn’t that risky?

Not really, since we’ve designed the combat system around these two modes from the very beginning. In actuality, both systems run on the same underlying mechanics. The turn-based mode uses a traditional initiative queue, where each character takes an individual turn, and characters spend action points (AP) to perform actions. Real-time (with pause) mode works on the same systems, except that every turn is happening simultaneously. We’re also using AP to scale animation time in real-time, so characters with higher AP will move and act faster. We’ve designing the combat system in this way trying for equal balance and challenge, but we expect real-time to be slightly more difficult since there’s more room for human error. We think most players will enjoy switching modes based on the situation, but you will be able to play the whole game entirely in either mode you prefer. Or you can even switch in the middle of combat! Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:43 am EST

How important is my contribution? Are you just going to get a publisher later?

Your contribution means the world to us! We currently have no deals with publishers or investors, but we are open to the possibility provided we can keep all creative control. Not to say we need additional investment to complete episode one (we have a safe budget to complete a full satisfying game), but we recognize the advantages these types of partners would afford us towards testing, localization, distribution, and growing NGS in the future. Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:43 am EST

Why did you decide to change engines? How will this impact the project and schedule?

The decision to switch from Unity to Unreal was a difficult one. We had already spent a lot of time with Unity, so some people on the team were naturally quite hesitant. But after much testing and deliberation, we agreed it was the best long term decision for the team. The biggest impact to the project is on the budget, since Unreal’s cost scales much better over time and team size. It will also dramatically improve the visuals, with AAA standard tools right out of the box. Blueprints also represent a great opportunity for non-coders to work in engine with visual scripting tools. We’ve already planned for additional ramp up time in our schedule, so the change will have no effect on the schedule above. Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:43 am EST

How long will the development be after a successful kickstarter?

Provided nothing disastrous happens, we expect to have Episode 1 finished in about a year. Hopefully we will be able to finish the following episodes even faster, since we will mostly be building on top of a solid framework at that point. If we do encounter delays though, we’ll let backers know right away. Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:43 am EST

In what ways, and how often, will you be updating backers on the progress of the project?

The primary way for notifying backers of our progress will be through backer updates, which are shown on the Kickstarter campaign and also sent through email. We will also publicise these updates on our social media channels, forums, and the CohhCarnage Twitch stream. We also plan to do regular live streams through Twitch (and archived to Youtube), to engage with backers in a real way, share our progress, and get feedback. Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:43 am EST

If you miss a progress milestone how will you alert backers and keep the project going steady?

Unfortunately unexpected delays are a common thing in game development (especially so with Kickstarter projects), and we’ve tried our best to anticipate those problems and prevent them. If we do miss a milestone though, we will alert backers right away in our regular updates and explain the problem we’ve run into. You’ll never be waiting months to hear from us. When those kinds of problems occur, there are really only two choices: delay delivery or cut features. We don’t like either of those options, but if it comes down to it we will ask the backers which they prefer. Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:43 am EST

What’s all this about diversity in videogames? Why should I care?

Because games are for everyone! It’s something we feel strongly about, and we’re trying to be a positive example in that regard. It’s not a focus of the story in Resurgence, just something we wanted to be mindful of with our world and characters. If the idea of more diversity in games is new or strange to you, we highly recommend checking out the Extra Credits series. They have a fantastic series of short videos discussing why diversity is so important for future of the hobby we all love. Sexual Diversity, Race, Race in Rust, True Female Characters. Last updated: Thu, Jan 7 2016 11:45 am EST

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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