Project Resurgence: A New Oldschool cRPG

Created by Nectar Game Studios

Project Resurgence: A New Oldschool cRPG
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In a mysterious world reborn from disaster, your choices are all that matter. Master magic and tech. Fight. Sneak. Persuade. Survive.

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Learn About Our Project:

Stretch Goals

Accessibility, Gameplay Upgrades


Project Resurgence is a narrative-driven roleplaying game set in the land of Lumen, a gritty and volatile world being rebuilt after a great disaster. In this mysterious environment, there are no right or wrong answers—only actions and consequences. To discover the secrets of this world, you must first uncover your own veiled past, by any means you see fit. As you fight, sneak, or persuade your way toward the truth, one question constantly hangs: will you bring order or let chaos reign? If you can navigate the myriad terrors both monstrous and human, then maybe—just maybe—history will remember your name.

  • Objective: Create a unique character and survive the dangers of Lumen as you search for answers. 
  • Setting: A post-apocalyptic world, fusing dark fantasy and dieselpunk sci-fi. 
  • Core Mechanics: Party-based exploration, turn-based and real-time combat, reactive dialog, branching story, and freeform character advancement. 
  • Inspirations: Arcanum, Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, The Witcher, Fullmetal Alchemist, Legend of Korra, and The Dark Tower. 
  • The Team: Industry vets with over 50 shipped titles, located all over the world. 
  • Why Kickstarter: To build our community, raise funds organically, maintain our creative vision, and bring fans into our process as much as possible. 
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, and Linux. 
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Retail Value: Episode 1: $15. Episodes 2-5: $10 each ($55 total).
  • Release Date: Episode 1: Q1 2017. Episodes 2-5: TBD.

Industry Quotes


The following items can also be added to any reward tier. Just add the specified amount to your reward tier value and you’re done (we’ll take care of the rest with BackerKit). Add-on prices do not include shipping.

Want all five episodes, a la carte? All you have to do is choose the $15 Dawn Seeker reward tier and set your total pledge amount to $50($15 tier + $35 season pass add-on).

At its core, Project Resurgence is a game bridging two worlds: a game rooted in the past as well as the future. We wear our inspirations to the classic cRPGs of the late 90s on our sleeves, yet also aim to innovate with modern design sensibilities.

Note: Please keep in mind this is early prototype gameplay and subject to change.

Challenge: Combat & Overcoming Obstacles

  • Take direct control of your allies to survive the many dangers of Lumen. Your companions will act independently if left alone, or you can direct their every movement.
  • Tactically-focused combat encourages players to strategize and make the most of their resources on hand.
  • Switch freely between Turn-Based and Real-Time Combat modes when violence breaks out. Change modes at any time to always handle danger at your preferred pace.
  • Turn-Based Combat let’s you take it slow, and direct your party based on their individual Initiative and Action Points (AP) scores.
  • Real-Time Combat cranks up the intensity, but you’re free to pause and queue up commands at any time.
  • Unleash powerful Talents (melee/ranged attacks, spells, etc) to gain an advantage. Talents draw on limited resources, but regenerate quickly after each encounter.
  • Master the 15 utility Skills (Brute Force, Stealth, Persuasion, etc) to approach challenges from different angles. Each skill is useful in a variety of ways and opens up new playstyles.

Exploration: World, Lore, & Character Interactions

  • Discover each episode’s self-contained storyline set in a new section of the world. Like seasons of a TV show, each episode also feeds into a larger overarching plot all starring your custom character.
  • Highly reactive branching storyline changes based on your choices in immediate and long-term ways, with the ramifications of those choices cascading across later episodes.
  • Recruit allies from all over Lumen, each with their own goals and values. Small groups are safest, so keep up to five around to watch your back. Or go it alone if you prefer.
  • Novel-like dialog presentation uses vivid descriptions to make conversations lifelike and immersive. Your specific character traits also unlock extra choices, encouraging replayability.
  • Resolve objectives nonviolently. Fighting isn’t always the best option, so why risk life and limb when you can try to sneak or talk your way past trouble?

Advancement: Leveling Up & Sweet Loot

  • Create your custom hero, choosing from a variety of options to specify Sex, Gender (preferred pronoun), Tribe, Background, Quirks, and Appearance.
  • Quirks and Perks add complexity to characters. Quirks are optional at character creation, but provide roleplaying opportunities through flaws and other tradeoffs. Perks represent small bonuses your character earns through deeds, representing their personal story.
  • Earn experience from objective advancement, not grinding. You level up by pursuing your character’s goals and playing the way you want, not just by killing everything that moves.
  • Be as versatile or specialized as you want. Class-free advancement lets you tailor characters however you see fit; you aren’t shoehorned into a specific role or ability set.

Old-School Style: Respect Your Roots 

Project Resurgence is a love letter to our favorite western-style RPGs. Many of us grew up during the golden age of these games in the late 90s playing legends like Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout. Our greatest dream is to create a spiritual successor worthy of those timeless classics with all of the freedom, reactivity, lore, and challenge that made us fall in love with these games in the first place.

Modern Innovation: An Episodic Collaboration 

We’ve designed Resurgence as one of the first episodic RPGs, with an epic storyline planned over the course of five episodes. Each episode continues the story of your custom protagonist, and must be played in order. The first episode, delivering 5-10 hours of gameplay, can only be brought to life through this campaign and YOUR support! This episodic approach allows us to polish smaller portions of the game and release them as soon as they’re ready, instead of waiting multiple years just to try a potential 100+ hour experience. This gets you our game faster, keeps the project scope in check, and grants us the opportunity to engage more with players to help shape the course of the game from the very beginning. We want to make a game you’re going to love that feels just as much yours as our own. Join us for episode one and your feedback will help shape the future of the series.

Representing Diversity: A Mosaic of Beautiful Differences

Lumen is a land of diversity, with many backgrounds and beliefs intermingling throughout it and people of all types calling it home. Reflecting the design of Lumen itself, we want to give players the freedom to create a character wholly like them, unlike them, or anywhere in between.
Players choose their character’s tribe, sex, gender identification, and skin tone. We also hope to achieve a respectful representation of characters through appropriate functional clothing and armor design. We’re planning for a variety of romance options and relationship choices to represent all walks of life.

With Project Resurgence, we want to create a game that everyone can explore and lose themselves in. And allow everyone to create a character that they feel best represents them in the world.

A History of Lumen: From Darkness to Light 

Long ago, a black mist spread across the land of Lumen. The Mist consumed everything it touched, and the world’s greatest civilization fell to oblivion as its people fled underground. The days stretched into centuries, and still they hid in the dark, until the Mist finally receded. Their time apart had changed them, and five new tribes emerged from the underground: the humble and rustic Ragnar, the cunning and industrious Children of Baric, the mysterious and peaceful Selysians, the beautiful and adaptable Ashurad, and the aloof and resourceful Dresdi. On the surface, they discovered a transformed landscape; this was not the land of their ancestors.

For years, the five tribes lived in ignorance of each other, each certain that their people were the only ones in this dangerous new world. Slowly, they began to discover each other, and not all of their interactions were peaceful. With land and resources at a premium, war soon broke out between them. After a generation of bloodshed between the tribes, the Selysians finally revealed their strength. Armed with strange crystals called “ambrosia” they unleashed the full might of the elements and put a stop to the fighting.

As time passed and tempers cooled, the tribes came together to found the crown jewel of Lumen: the sprawling city of Dehrgada. An urban melting pot of cultures and scientific advancement, it stands as a symbol of cooperation, commerce, and mutual respect. However, not everything is how it seems, and a war is brewing on the streets of this glimmering city. Two factions vie for control: the stalwart Shield Legion and the rebellious Opal Truth. Favored by the wealthy, the Shield Legion are Dehrgada’s guardians and police force, though their power has steadily inched towards martial law—especially in the city’s poorer wards. With no one to speak for them, the downtrodden poor of Dehrgada secretly founded the Opal Truth, a group meant to curb the Shield’s excesses and demand a voice in their own city. As these two groups push each other into more extreme and dangerous actions, each is becoming more and more willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Lumen is a world in flux, and its future may be determined by the most unlikely of sources. This is your story, and the choice is yours alone. The Resurgence begins now.

Episode 1 Companions: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

Because we refuse to settle on our dreams.

Nectar Game Studios is an organization founded on passion and vision. What started as a hobby collaboration has grown into something much larger, and now we have the opportunity to continue a tradition of the western RPGs we love. We have assembled a team of over 30 professionals and all of us have dedicated hours upon hours to making Project Resurgence the best game it can be. Infinity Engine–style RPGs have played a huge role in each of our lives, and we want to help bring the engrossing and epic storytelling of this genre back into the zeitgeist. The team collectively brings dozens of years of game development experience, and our applied passion has already created a pre-alpha vertical slice demo that we think clearly demonstrates the future direction of this game.

Now, we have gotten to a point where we can’t keep going without your help. Many of us are having to choose between this project and full-time jobs, and some of us have even quit our jobs to focus on this project. Beyond making something we can be proud of, our greatest desire is to make the game you want, and we can’t do that without your help. How far we can take Project Resurgence for episode one and beyond is wholly dependent on your support and feedback.

Project Resurgence began as a dream of creating the perfect old-school cRPG with modern innovation. Working on it for so long also allowed us to pursue another dream: to found our own independent studio making the kinds of games we love and answering to nobody but the fans. We’ve spent a lot of time prototyping, researching, planning, and developing, and below you’ll find the culmination of that effort. We’ve budgeted for the absolute minimum we need to create episode one and used that to formulate an aggressive full-time production timeline. 

Once we meet our goal, we want to be as transparent as possible with how we plan to use those funds. You have our promise that every last penny will only go towards paying our team a livable wage, reward fulfillment, and necessary expenses. So far we’ve all only been able to partially focus on creating this world, but your contributions will allow our team to allot their time fully toward making episode one as awesome as possible. We aren’t crowdfunding to replenish our savings, just to pursue our dreams and make a great game.

We know we can’t finish Project Resurgence alone, so we’re asking you to join us in making this game a reality. It doesn’t stop there though—we want you to be an integral part of the whole development process. You are our target audience, and we want to hear all your ideas, wishes, and concerns. Go on, we’re listening. 

And here’s some FREE Avatars & Wallpapers!

Backer Quests

In the spirit of giving, how about helping us help you? By simply interacting with us during this campaign and helping spread the word on social media, the whole community earns XP and levels up. Every 10 XP, we unlock a new level of backer voting for another aspect of the game’s design as well as extra backer bonuses.

Retweet this tweet. The deadline for this Bonus Quest is 10PM EST on Wednesday 2/10!

For a more detailed description on all of the ways you can earn XP check out our Update 4, and for how backer designs and voting works check out Update 2. And to get you started here are a few easy quests:

We want to note that none of the digital rewards are “exclusive” to this campaign. We view the entire campaign as an “early bird” offer, so we will also be making as many of these rewards available post campaign as possible (just at a higher price). We care more about creating a unique experience for our backers than trying to trick you with sales gimmicks.

We plan to make digital copies available through Steam (including early alpha and beta builds). Additionally when episodes launch, we will offer digital copies of Resurgence DRM-free through online stores that allow it (GOG and HumbleBundle, pending approval).

For backer design rewards, all backer-submitted content is subject to team approval to ensure it meets our requirements and fits with our vision. We will not accept obscene or copyrighted material.


For the few physical rewards we do have, shipping will be automatically added during Kickststarter check out, then double checked with BackerKit surveys. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, please consult the following chart for your expected shipping costs. $15 is on us.

 Reward Tiers

  • Thanks! - We’re sending all the good vibes your way! All of them. :D
  • Forums - Backer area and community voting access.
  • Includes - All Lurker rewards. 
  • Game - Digital game key for Project Resurgence: Episode 1. 
  • Soundtrack - Digital copy of the official soundtrack. 
  • Credits - Listed as Backer on the NGS website.
  • Includes - All Dawn Seeker rewards. 
  • Extra Lore - Backer Talent reveals additional lore about the environments in Episode 1. 
  • Backer Item - Backer Accessory grants a character a minor ability to make the early game slightly more forgiving. 
  • Forums - Prestigious Backer badge displayed beside your avatar. 
  • Credits - Listed as Silver Backer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ragnar Guide rewards. 
  • In-Game Name - Submit a name for our character name generator. 
  • Backer Items - Backer Armor Attachment cosmetically shows your backer pride in game.
  • Testing - Closed-beta access. 
  • Forums - Tester area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Beta Tester in game credits. 
  • Includes - All Mist Test Subject rewards.
  • Game - Physical disc copy of Project Resurgence: Episode 1. 
  • Novella - Digital PDF copy of several short stories from the Resurgence lore. 
  • Hint Book - Digital PDF copy of a hint book filled with tips, strategies, and fun facts. 
  • Art Book - Digital PDF copy of an art book featuring concept art and illustrations. 
  • Forums - Insider area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Gold Backer in game credits. 
  • Includes - All Baric Scholar rewards. 
  • Season Pass - Digital copy of Episodes 2-5 ($40 value) and all DLC. 
  • Soundtrack - Physical disc copy of the official soundtrack.
  • Testing - Closed-Alpha access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Alpha Tester in game credits.
  • Includes - All Dresdi Collector rewards. 
  • Message - Submit a personal message (up to 200 characters) to appear in-game as a gravestone, graffiti, or note. 
  • Special Edition - Exclusive Kickstarter Edition Box Art and poster for the true collector. 
  • Backer Toast - We will toast you personally on a livestream with a craft beer based on the Five Tribes of Lumen and read your personal message. 
  • Game - Four extra digital keys for Episode 1 (5 total). 
  • Credits - Listed as Platinum Backer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Custom Item - Design any kind of item from junk up to a unique named item.
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Minor NPC - Design a non-player character based on your likeness and the dialog that will trigger when players meet your character. 
  • Custom Portrait - Our artists will create a portrait for your character which will also be added to those available during character creation. 
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Major NPC - Work with our designers to create a non-player character who played a key role in founding Dehrgada City. As a legendary member of your preferred tribe, their name is common knowledge in Lumen (tribe choice is on a first come, first served basis). 
  • In-Game Statue - Our modelers will create a statue of your legendary character and place it within Dehrgada City. 
  • NPC Journal - Work with our writers to create a series of journal entries about your character’s backstory, which will be scattered throughout the world for players to collect. 
  • 3D-Printed Model - A 3D-printed figurine of your legendary character’s statue. 
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits. 
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Custom Tavern - Work with our designers to create a tavern environment built to your specifications. 
  • Three NPCs - Design up to three regulars patron characters to occupy the tavern and the dialog that will trigger when players meet them. 
  • Sidequest - Work with our designers to create a mission given to players by one of your NPCs. 
  • Tavern Art - Physical and digital copy of the concept art for your tavern, signed by the artist. 
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Custom Companion - Work with our designers to create a playable companion character in your likeness (or not) to join the player’s party. 
  • Companion Dialog - Work with our writers to flesh out your companion character’s personality and backstory, affecting their role in story dialog and party banter. 
  • Custom Portrait - Our artists will create a portrait for your character to represent them in-game. 
  • 3D-Printed Model - A 3D-printed figurine of your companion character. 
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits.
  • Includes - Either Selysian Maker or Person of Interest rewards (not both). 
  • Custom Boss - Work with our designers to create a boss enemy and encounter for players to overcome. 
  • Join the Team - Become a team consultant with an invitation to join all our team meetings and give your input on every aspect of Episode 1 (we can only consider ideas that improve the experience without negatively impacting scope or schedule, subject to team approval). 
  • Cohh-Host - Join Cohh Carnage for a one-hour live discussion on Twitch playing any game you like. 
  • 3D-Printed Model - A 3D-printed figurine of your boss enemy. 
  • Title Screen Credit - Have your name listed on the Title Screen of Episode 1, for all players to see. 
  • Launch Party - Receive an invitation to attend the launch party for Episode 1, and meet the team in person (travel and accommodations not included). 
  • Game Night - After the party, stick around and for a night of board gaming fun with the team. 
  • Game - 10 extra digital keys for Episode 1 (20 total). 
  • Credits - Listed as Produced By in game credits.

Previous Work

This is our first project as a studio, but team members have also worked on the following titles:

We currently have 30+ people contributing differing amounts of time, and you can learn more about our key team members in Update 8.