Project Resurgence: A New Oldschool cRPG

Created by Nectar Game Studios

Project Resurgence: A New Oldschool cRPG
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3,258 backers pledged $184,735.25 on Kickstarter

In a mysterious world reborn from disaster, your choices are all that matter. Master magic and tech. Fight. Sneak. Persuade. Survive.

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$184,735.25 / 3,258 backers
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Stretch Goals

Accessibility, Gameplay Upgrades


Project Resurgence is a narrative-driven roleplaying game set in the land of Lumen, a gritty and volatile world being rebuilt after a great disaster. In this mysterious environment, there are no right or wrong answers—only actions and consequences. To discover the secrets of this world, you must first uncover your own veiled past, by any means you see fit. As you fight, sneak, or persuade your way toward the truth, one question constantly hangs: will you bring order or let chaos reign? If you can navigate the myriad terrors both monstrous and human, then maybe—just maybe—history will remember your name.

  • Objective: Create a unique character and survive the dangers of Lumen as you search for answers. 
  • Setting: A post-apocalyptic world, fusing dark fantasy and dieselpunk sci-fi. 
  • Core Mechanics: Party-based exploration, turn-based and real-time combat, reactive dialog, branching story, and freeform character advancement. 
  • Inspirations: Arcanum, Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, The Witcher, Fullmetal Alchemist, Legend of Korra, and The Dark Tower. 
  • The Team: Industry vets with over 50 shipped titles, located all over the world. 
  • Why Kickstarter: To build our community, raise funds organically, maintain our creative vision, and bring fans into our process as much as possible. 
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, and Linux. 
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Retail Value: Episode 1: $15. Episodes 2-5: $10 each ($55 total).
  • Release Date: Episode 1: Q1 2017. Episodes 2-5: TBD.

Industry Quotes


The following items can also be added to any reward tier. Just add the specified amount to your reward tier value and you’re done (we’ll take care of the rest with BackerKit). Add-on prices do not include shipping.

Want all five episodes, a la carte? All you have to do is choose the $15 Dawn Seeker reward tier and set your total pledge amount to $50($15 tier + $35 season pass add-on).

At its core, Project Resurgence is a game bridging two worlds: a game rooted in the past as well as the future. We wear our inspirations to the classic cRPGs of the late 90s on our sleeves, yet also aim to innovate with modern design sensibilities.

Note: Please keep in mind this is early prototype gameplay and subject to change.

Challenge: Combat & Overcoming Obstacles

  • Take direct control of your allies to survive the many dangers of Lumen. Your companions will act independently if left alone, or you can direct their every movement.
  • Tactically-focused combat encourages players to strategize and make the most of their resources on hand.
  • Switch freely between Turn-Based and Real-Time Combat modes when violence breaks out. Change modes at any time to always handle danger at your preferred pace.
  • Turn-Based Combat let’s you take it slow, and direct your party based on their individual Initiative and Action Points (AP) scores.
  • Real-Time Combat cranks up the intensity, but you’re free to pause and queue up commands at any time.
  • Unleash powerful Talents (melee/ranged attacks, spells, etc) to gain an advantage. Talents draw on limited resources, but regenerate quickly after each encounter.
  • Master the 15 utility Skills (Brute Force, Stealth, Persuasion, etc) to approach challenges from different angles. Each skill is useful in a variety of ways and opens up new playstyles.

Exploration: World, Lore, & Character Interactions

  • Discover each episode’s self-contained storyline set in a new section of the world. Like seasons of a TV show, each episode also feeds into a larger overarching plot all starring your custom character.
  • Highly reactive branching storyline changes based on your choices in immediate and long-term ways, with the ramifications of those choices cascading across later episodes.
  • Recruit allies from all over Lumen, each with their own goals and values. Small groups are safest, so keep up to five around to watch your back. Or go it alone if you prefer.
  • Novel-like dialog presentation uses vivid descriptions to make conversations lifelike and immersive. Your specific character traits also unlock extra choices, encouraging replayability.
  • Resolve objectives nonviolently. Fighting isn’t always the best option, so why risk life and limb when you can try to sneak or talk your way past trouble?

Advancement: Leveling Up & Sweet Loot

  • Create your custom hero, choosing from a variety of options to specify Sex, Gender (preferred pronoun), Tribe, Background, Quirks, and Appearance.
  • Quirks and Perks add complexity to characters. Quirks are optional at character creation, but provide roleplaying opportunities through flaws and other tradeoffs. Perks represent small bonuses your character earns through deeds, representing their personal story.
  • Earn experience from objective advancement, not grinding. You level up by pursuing your character’s goals and playing the way you want, not just by killing everything that moves.
  • Be as versatile or specialized as you want. Class-free advancement lets you tailor characters however you see fit; you aren’t shoehorned into a specific role or ability set.

Old-School Style: Respect Your Roots 

Project Resurgence is a love letter to our favorite western-style RPGs. Many of us grew up during the golden age of these games in the late 90s playing legends like Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout. Our greatest dream is to create a spiritual successor worthy of those timeless classics with all of the freedom, reactivity, lore, and challenge that made us fall in love with these games in the first place.

Modern Innovation: An Episodic Collaboration 

We’ve designed Resurgence as one of the first episodic RPGs, with an epic storyline planned over the course of five episodes. Each episode continues the story of your custom protagonist, and must be played in order. The first episode, delivering 5-10 hours of gameplay, can only be brought to life through this campaign and YOUR support! This episodic approach allows us to polish smaller portions of the game and release them as soon as they’re ready, instead of waiting multiple years just to try a potential 100+ hour experience. This gets you our game faster, keeps the project scope in check, and grants us the opportunity to engage more with players to help shape the course of the game from the very beginning. We want to make a game you’re going to love that feels just as much yours as our own. Join us for episode one and your feedback will help shape the future of the series.

Representing Diversity: A Mosaic of Beautiful Differences

Lumen is a land of diversity, with many backgrounds and beliefs intermingling throughout it and people of all types calling it home. Reflecting the design of Lumen itself, we want to give players the freedom to create a character wholly like them, unlike them, or anywhere in between.
Players choose their character’s tribe, sex, gender identification, and skin tone. We also hope to achieve a respectful representation of characters through appropriate functional clothing and armor design. We’re planning for a variety of romance options and relationship choices to represent all walks of life.

With Project Resurgence, we want to create a game that everyone can explore and lose themselves in. And allow everyone to create a character that they feel best represents them in the world.

A History of Lumen: From Darkness to Light 

Long ago, a black mist spread across the land of Lumen. The Mist consumed everything it touched, and the world’s greatest civilization fell to oblivion as its people fled underground. The days stretched into centuries, and still they hid in the dark, until the Mist finally receded. Their time apart had changed them, and five new tribes emerged from the underground: the humble and rustic Ragnar, the cunning and industrious Children of Baric, the mysterious and peaceful Selysians, the beautiful and adaptable Ashurad, and the aloof and resourceful Dresdi. On the surface, they discovered a transformed landscape; this was not the land of their ancestors.

For years, the five tribes lived in ignorance of each other, each certain that their people were the only ones in this dangerous new world. Slowly, they began to discover each other, and not all of their interactions were peaceful. With land and resources at a premium, war soon broke out between them. After a generation of bloodshed between the tribes, the Selysians finally revealed their strength. Armed with strange crystals called “ambrosia” they unleashed the full might of the elements and put a stop to the fighting.

As time passed and tempers cooled, the tribes came together to found the crown jewel of Lumen: the sprawling city of Dehrgada. An urban melting pot of cultures and scientific advancement, it stands as a symbol of cooperation, commerce, and mutual respect. However, not everything is how it seems, and a war is brewing on the streets of this glimmering city. Two factions vie for control: the stalwart Shield Legion and the rebellious Opal Truth. Favored by the wealthy, the Shield Legion are Dehrgada’s guardians and police force, though their power has steadily inched towards martial law—especially in the city’s poorer wards. With no one to speak for them, the downtrodden poor of Dehrgada secretly founded the Opal Truth, a group meant to curb the Shield’s excesses and demand a voice in their own city. As these two groups push each other into more extreme and dangerous actions, each is becoming more and more willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Lumen is a world in flux, and its future may be determined by the most unlikely of sources. This is your story, and the choice is yours alone. The Resurgence begins now.

Episode 1 Companions: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

Because we refuse to settle on our dreams.

Nectar Game Studios is an organization founded on passion and vision. What started as a hobby collaboration has grown into something much larger, and now we have the opportunity to continue a tradition of the western RPGs we love. We have assembled a team of over 30 professionals and all of us have dedicated hours upon hours to making Project Resurgence the best game it can be. Infinity Engine–style RPGs have played a huge role in each of our lives, and we want to help bring the engrossing and epic storytelling of this genre back into the zeitgeist. The team collectively brings dozens of years of game development experience, and our applied passion has already created a pre-alpha vertical slice demo that we think clearly demonstrates the future direction of this game.

Now, we have gotten to a point where we can’t keep going without your help. Many of us are having to choose between this project and full-time jobs, and some of us have even quit our jobs to focus on this project. Beyond making something we can be proud of, our greatest desire is to make the game you want, and we can’t do that without your help. How far we can take Project Resurgence for episode one and beyond is wholly dependent on your support and feedback.

Project Resurgence began as a dream of creating the perfect old-school cRPG with modern innovation. Working on it for so long also allowed us to pursue another dream: to found our own independent studio making the kinds of games we love and answering to nobody but the fans. We’ve spent a lot of time prototyping, researching, planning, and developing, and below you’ll find the culmination of that effort. We’ve budgeted for the absolute minimum we need to create episode one and used that to formulate an aggressive full-time production timeline. 

Once we meet our goal, we want to be as transparent as possible with how we plan to use those funds. You have our promise that every last penny will only go towards paying our team a livable wage, reward fulfillment, and necessary expenses. So far we’ve all only been able to partially focus on creating this world, but your contributions will allow our team to allot their time fully toward making episode one as awesome as possible. We aren’t crowdfunding to replenish our savings, just to pursue our dreams and make a great game.

We know we can’t finish Project Resurgence alone, so we’re asking you to join us in making this game a reality. It doesn’t stop there though—we want you to be an integral part of the whole development process. You are our target audience, and we want to hear all your ideas, wishes, and concerns. Go on, we’re listening. 

And here’s some FREE Avatars & Wallpapers!

Backer Quests

In the spirit of giving, how about helping us help you? By simply interacting with us during this campaign and helping spread the word on social media, the whole community earns XP and levels up. Every 10 XP, we unlock a new level of backer voting for another aspect of the game’s design as well as extra backer bonuses.

Retweet this tweet. The deadline for this Bonus Quest is 10PM EST on Wednesday 2/10!

For a more detailed description on all of the ways you can earn XP check out our Update 4, and for how backer designs and voting works check out Update 2. And to get you started here are a few easy quests:

We want to note that none of the digital rewards are “exclusive” to this campaign. We view the entire campaign as an “early bird” offer, so we will also be making as many of these rewards available post campaign as possible (just at a higher price). We care more about creating a unique experience for our backers than trying to trick you with sales gimmicks.

We plan to make digital copies available through Steam (including early alpha and beta builds). Additionally when episodes launch, we will offer digital copies of Resurgence DRM-free through online stores that allow it (GOG and HumbleBundle, pending approval).

For backer design rewards, all backer-submitted content is subject to team approval to ensure it meets our requirements and fits with our vision. We will not accept obscene or copyrighted material.


For the few physical rewards we do have, shipping will be automatically added during Kickststarter check out, then double checked with BackerKit surveys. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, please consult the following chart for your expected shipping costs. $15 is on us.

 Reward Tiers

  • Thanks! - We’re sending all the good vibes your way! All of them. :D
  • Forums - Backer area and community voting access.
  • Includes - All Lurker rewards. 
  • Game - Digital game key for Project Resurgence: Episode 1. 
  • Soundtrack - Digital copy of the official soundtrack. 
  • Credits - Listed as Backer on the NGS website.
  • Includes - All Dawn Seeker rewards. 
  • Extra Lore - Backer Talent reveals additional lore about the environments in Episode 1. 
  • Backer Item - Backer Accessory grants a character a minor ability to make the early game slightly more forgiving. 
  • Forums - Prestigious Backer badge displayed beside your avatar. 
  • Credits - Listed as Silver Backer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ragnar Guide rewards. 
  • In-Game Name - Submit a name for our character name generator. 
  • Backer Items - Backer Armor Attachment cosmetically shows your backer pride in game.
  • Testing - Closed-beta access. 
  • Forums - Tester area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Beta Tester in game credits. 
  • Includes - All Mist Test Subject rewards.
  • Game - Physical disc copy of Project Resurgence: Episode 1. 
  • Novella - Digital PDF copy of several short stories from the Resurgence lore. 
  • Hint Book - Digital PDF copy of a hint book filled with tips, strategies, and fun facts. 
  • Art Book - Digital PDF copy of an art book featuring concept art and illustrations. 
  • Forums - Insider area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Gold Backer in game credits. 
  • Includes - All Baric Scholar rewards. 
  • Season Pass - Digital copy of Episodes 2-5 ($40 value) and all DLC. 
  • Soundtrack - Physical disc copy of the official soundtrack.
  • Testing - Closed-Alpha access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Alpha Tester in game credits.
  • Includes - All Dresdi Collector rewards. 
  • Message - Submit a personal message (up to 200 characters) to appear in-game as a gravestone, graffiti, or note. 
  • Special Edition - Exclusive Kickstarter Edition Box Art and poster for the true collector. 
  • Backer Toast - We will toast you personally on a livestream with a craft beer based on the Five Tribes of Lumen and read your personal message. 
  • Game - Four extra digital keys for Episode 1 (5 total). 
  • Credits - Listed as Platinum Backer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Custom Item - Design any kind of item from junk up to a unique named item.
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Minor NPC - Design a non-player character based on your likeness and the dialog that will trigger when players meet your character. 
  • Custom Portrait - Our artists will create a portrait for your character which will also be added to those available during character creation. 
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Major NPC - Work with our designers to create a non-player character who played a key role in founding Dehrgada City. As a legendary member of your preferred tribe, their name is common knowledge in Lumen (tribe choice is on a first come, first served basis). 
  • In-Game Statue - Our modelers will create a statue of your legendary character and place it within Dehrgada City. 
  • NPC Journal - Work with our writers to create a series of journal entries about your character’s backstory, which will be scattered throughout the world for players to collect. 
  • 3D-Printed Model - A 3D-printed figurine of your legendary character’s statue. 
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits. 
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Custom Tavern - Work with our designers to create a tavern environment built to your specifications. 
  • Three NPCs - Design up to three regulars patron characters to occupy the tavern and the dialog that will trigger when players meet them. 
  • Sidequest - Work with our designers to create a mission given to players by one of your NPCs. 
  • Tavern Art - Physical and digital copy of the concept art for your tavern, signed by the artist. 
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits.
  • Includes - All Ashurad Legend rewards. 
  • Custom Companion - Work with our designers to create a playable companion character in your likeness (or not) to join the player’s party. 
  • Companion Dialog - Work with our writers to flesh out your companion character’s personality and backstory, affecting their role in story dialog and party banter. 
  • Custom Portrait - Our artists will create a portrait for your character to represent them in-game. 
  • 3D-Printed Model - A 3D-printed figurine of your companion character. 
  • Game - Five extra digital keys for Episode 1 (10 total). 
  • Forums - Designer area access. 
  • Credits - Listed as Assistant Designer in game credits.
  • Includes - Either Selysian Maker or Person of Interest rewards (not both). 
  • Custom Boss - Work with our designers to create a boss enemy and encounter for players to overcome. 
  • Join the Team - Become a team consultant with an invitation to join all our team meetings and give your input on every aspect of Episode 1 (we can only consider ideas that improve the experience without negatively impacting scope or schedule, subject to team approval). 
  • Cohh-Host - Join Cohh Carnage for a one-hour live discussion on Twitch playing any game you like. 
  • 3D-Printed Model - A 3D-printed figurine of your boss enemy. 
  • Title Screen Credit - Have your name listed on the Title Screen of Episode 1, for all players to see. 
  • Launch Party - Receive an invitation to attend the launch party for Episode 1, and meet the team in person (travel and accommodations not included). 
  • Game Night - After the party, stick around and for a night of board gaming fun with the team. 
  • Game - 10 extra digital keys for Episode 1 (20 total). 
  • Credits - Listed as Produced By in game credits.

Previous Work

This is our first project as a studio, but team members have also worked on the following titles:

We currently have 30+ people contributing differing amounts of time, and you can learn more about our key team members in Update 8.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Core (Exploration) Continues! Release Date & GDC
4 months ago – Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 07:45:12 PM

Greetings from GDC, Nectarines!

Rob here. Sorry it’s been a bit since our last written update, but we wanted to fire off a quick update as I gear up for convention time. 

In this update you’ll find:

  • Cohh Carnage - PR Dialogue Demo livestream
  • Cohh Carnage - PR Update #8
  • Release Date update
  • GDC talk
  • Shout Out - Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Cohh Carnage - PR Updates

First up, if you missed our first Core System Test (CST) demo of the dialogue system, you’ll find a download link here (backers only). If you prefer to watch, check out the video above for a full playthrough from Cohh (~30 min). There’s plenty of other ways the demo can play out, too! One course of action can even cause a companion to permanently leave your group!

Here’s the latest Twitch update from Cohh and a link to the art, screenshots, and video shown there. 

Release Date

If you caught our last few Twitch video updates, you already know development is taking longer than expected.  We have slipped past the original release date of late January, but we knew that was an ambitious goal from the start. Game development is hard, and we have a small team. Bugs happen, things go wrong, and everything is always in a constant state of experimenting, testing, and iterating. The bottom line is: we are committed to quality and that takes time. 

So when is Episode One actually going to be done? We’ve been working hard to answer that question, and based on our current speed we think the end of this year is now the most realistic goal. The good news is that we’ve been getting great feedback on the Dialog Demo CST, and people seem to really like the writing, mechanics, and level of choice! That’s super encouraging for us—knowing that we’re making good decisions and working towards that high quality benchmark we want. 

We know it’s always a bummer when your most anticipated games are delayed, but those games also typically come out much better in the end from that extra time and attention. And with that in mind, we just want to say thank you so much for your continued patience and support. 


As I mentioned briefly, I’m at the Game Developer's Conference this week! I wasn’t actually planning to go because of the cost and time commitment, but a mentor convinced me that I would be missing an amazing opportunity. So I found a way to make it work, and I’m here through Thursday! If you see the bearded face below, definitely say hi! I’d love to meet you!

Also, as a repeat volunteer at GDC, I want to give a special shout out to the guys that help the event run so smoothly. They’re called CAs (Conference Associates), they’re in purple (?) shirts, and their whole job is to help you have the best experience possible. They are all amazing, so show them some love and they’ll take great care of you. 

Shout Out - Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

In case you missed it, Obsidian just wrapped up their Fig campaign for the sequel to Pillars of Eternity, raising over $4.4 million available to it from over 33,000 backers. That makes it the highest crowdfunded videogame in years (since Shenmue 3 and Bloodstained in 2015), and certainly the highest RPG. The sequel boasts new features including: new and old companions, a living world, enhanced reactivity, dynamic weather, and more! We’re not shy about our love for these guys, so if you enjoyed the first Pillars and Tyranny you owe yourself to check this out. They are continuing to take pledges through their website. Honestly, they had as at more Eder. :D


Core Continues! Slacker Backer & GDEX
8 months ago – Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 11:29:47 PM

Welcome back, Nectarines!

Rob here. I know, it’s been too long guys! In this update you’ll find:

  • Kickstarter Update new plans 
  • Cohh Carnage - PR Update #4-5 
  • New artwork and in-game screens 
  • BackerKit - Slacker Backer campaign (with Paypal) 
  • Shout Out - Wasteland 3

First off, I just want to apologize for the lack of communication the last couple months. We’ve been super busy just developing the game, and these updates unfortunately got pushed to the back burner. I’m sorry, that’s my fault and I aim to do better. We all know that none of this would be possible without the support of all our awesome backers, and we owe it to you to keep you in the loop with our progress. You put your faith in us, and we absolutely don’t want to jeopardize that.

There’s good news though! We recently hired another Producer to take charge of task tracking, the master schedule, documentation, and general problem solving. Since I’ve been acting as the sole producer up to now (plus all my duties as CEO and Creative Director), this will take a ton of work off my plate and let me focus on big picture things (including backer communication). Look forward to an introduction to our newest team member in our next update.

I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about how to make these updates more regular, interesting, and efficient to produce. Some of you have even mentioned only putting out an update every two months, now that we’re in full production mode. We appreciate the understanding, but I’m not ready to make that concession yet. I think the main problem stems from having to dedicate so much of my own time towards writing and publishing these updates (often at least a solid 8 hours for each one). As Creative Director, with everyone needing feedback and direction from me, I’m sure you can see how carving out that much time every month could be problematic.

So, the best plan we could come up with is to start dividing most of that content creation among the rest of the team. Previously, we’ve always tried to have one “meaty” subject in each update, where we dig deeper into a particular aspect of the game design, lore, etc. I think that model is no longer practical for us though, and so we’re going to start using our blog again as more of a Dev Diary. So the plan is that we get individual members of the team (not just me) writing shorter articles about what they’re working on at the moment: interesting topics, problems overcome, cool techniques, tools used, etc. We’re shooting to put 1-2 of those Dev Diaries out a month on the blog, then we can compile them in these updates too. So we’re going to give that plan a shot, and as always let us know what you think!

Cohh Carnage - PR Updates


Above you’ll find the most recent Twitch updates from Cohh on our progress. And here are links to the artwork, screenshots, GIFs, and animations mentioned in those videos.

Slacker Backer Campaign

Do you have friends who missed the Kickstarter, but still want to help support this project? Well our Slacker Backer campaign is officially live through BackerKit! We’re keeping all the reward tiers and add-ons available up to $500. So that does mean all the limited design-tier rewards are now locked.

You’ll find a handy link on our homepage as well as the Kickstarter campaign. BackerKit calls them “hosted pre-orders” but it’s exactly the same as the rewards we offered during the Kickstarter. Any pledges through BackerKit just won’t be charged until we choose to “lock down” closer to release.

If you have any questions at all, BackerKit support is standing by to help.

Also, I’m happy to announce you can now back with Paypal too! We received many requests for Paypal support during the Kickstarter, and BackerKit has allowed us to finally make that possible. It is still a BackerKit beta feature though, so if you prefer to use Paypal you will have to contact BackerKit support directly. You will also be charged immediately by Paypal when you check out (not when we “lock down” the BackerKit pledges down the road).

GDEX Convention

For those of you in the Columbus, Ohio area, we’ve been attending the GDEX convention (formerly OGDE, the Ohio Game Dev Expo) for the past two years. We’re happy to be returning once again, to show our in-progress build of the Dialog CST Demo (Core System Test) made in UE4. This is a first look at that demo which we’ll be releasing to all of you lovely people in the near future, when it’s a little more polished.

The event is taking place at COSI, the interactive science museum, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are still on sale, and if you already have COSI passes you can get in free! We’ll be set up as part of the IGDA Cincinnati (International Game Developer’s Association) booth, so come say hi!

Shout Out - Wasteland 3

It’s no secret that we love the guys at inXile, our brothers-in-arms at keeping the cRPG genre alive and well. Wasteland 2 has been described as, “The Fallout 3 we always deserved to have and never got,” (Ragequit) and Brian Fargo (series creator) is once again at the helm of this ambitious project. This sequel is set in Colorado, and promises to improve on everything that made Wasteland 2 great: improved strategic combat, branching reactive dialog (courtesy of the Torment: ToN writing team), vehicles, and even multiplayer!

They’re crowdfunding on Fig this time, and there’s just under a week left to back or invest in the game. Check it out, and tell them we sent you. This is one you don’t want to miss! :D


Pre-Pro Wrap Up! Backer Surveys & Dehrgada Lore Intro
12 months ago – Fri, Jul 01, 2016 at 12:25:30 AM

Welcome back, Nectarines!

Hi there, Rob here. Another month has passed, so it’s time for another update on our humble game. In this update you’ll find:

  • Backer surveys sent! 
  • Cohh Carnage - PR Update #3 
  • New artwork and in-game screens 
  • Team Additions 
  • Dehrgada City lore 
  • Shout Out - Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

We’ve been super busy last month, trying to wrap up our pre-production cycle. That means finishing up most of the planning and prototyping, having a solid plan of attack for the rest of development, and shifting focus to fleshing out our core mechanics. The result of the next phase will be our Core build, which is industry terminology for the first version of the game to include all the major gameplay systems working in a basic form. It won’t be pretty (polished art assets come later in Alpha and Beta), but it should convey the essence of the gameplay and be fun to play. The Core Systems Tests we plan to release to backers in the coming months will demonstrate our progress towards this milestone, and let us gather your invaluable feedback to make Resurgence better and better!

Above is a quick rundown from Cohh on our progress. And here’s a link to the artwork, screenshots, GIFs, and animations mentioned in that video.

Revised Companion concept: Viktor Kressner
Revised Companion concept: Viktor Kressner

Backer Surveys

Backer surveys have been sent! This shouldn’t be news though, since 90% of them have already been answered. If you haven’t completed your survey yet, please do so at your earliest convenience. You’ll keep getting automated emails periodically from BackerKit until you do. ;)

Again, the surveys will remain open for editing for an extended period of time. So if your address changes or you want to grab some additional add-ons, you can do so freely until we choose to lock the surveys down. If you up your pledge at all, you will not be charged until we lock down the surveys.

Slacker Backer campaign through BackerKit is still next on the agenda, so we’ll update you as soon as that’s ready to launch (with Paypal).

If you haven’t received your survey for some reason, you can go to the Survey Recovery Page. If you still can’t access it from there, just let us know and we’ll sort it out.

Team Additions

We added a couple new members to the team this month, both with some outstanding previous experience. Give them a warm welcome!

Zain Effendi - Composer
Zain is an award winning composer based in Los Angeles. He studied composition and film scoring at both The Boston Conservatory and Berklee College of Music after which he had the rare opportunity to work with Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer on some of Hollywood’s biggest films. After working on such films as The Dark Knight, The Simpsons Movie, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Zain went on to start his own studio. He has scored multiple films with Disney and has also provided the music for the game Guns of Icarus.

“I’m totally inspired by this game. After seeing some of the pre-conceptual work, I knew that Project: Resurgence was the perfect opportunity to bring all of my skills to the table as a composer. The nature of this game is quite large, it spans many different cultures and has a wonderful, rich narrative. I hope to craft a body of music that is fresh, vibrant, and dances perfectly with the game’s story and characters. My main focus and priority on this game is to create memorable themes, unique instrumentation, and music that one might not expect from a typical video game soundtrack. Growing up, I was really inspired by the epic fantasy and adventure scores from the 90’s and I think that approach to scoring, with it’s brave themes and orchestration will lend itself perfectly to this game. It’s been so great teaming up with NGS and together we are going to deliver something really unique and beautiful.”

@zainluv | Soundcloud

Xander Davis - User Interface Designer
Xander has been working as a graphic and interface designer for over fifteen years, with nearly a decade specifically in the games industry across dozens of titles. He’s worked on the user interface for various AAA titles, including Transformers: War for Cybertron and Darksiders II. He decided to become a full time independent freelancer in 2013, and continued working with indie and AAA studios worldwide on a variety of games across mobile, PC, console, and VR/AR more recently. He also has his own indie label, Astrogun, and is currently in pre-production on a Flat/VR adventure game (more details coming soon on his blog).

“Like many of the team members on Resurgence, I grew up playing games in the 90’s and have a lot of nostalgia and interest in a redux of those games in the new generations of gaming (I’m eagerly awaiting any shred of news on Bungie’s supposed work on a new Marathon game, for example!). So I thought it would be really fun when the team at Nectar approached me about working on Resurgence— designing UI that brings back the spirit of old school gameplay into a new age. From an interface perspective, this could present many challenges to tackle, as interface has increasingly become something games and apps more heavily rely on, both as an art and an ever-evolving science. Together, that's the kind of magic Resurgence can leverage for its UI and I’m excited to be helping them achieve it!”

@XanderDavisLive |

World & Lore - Welcome to Dehrgada City

The road to Dehrgada City
The road to Dehrgada City

Excerpt from The City of Wonders: A Traveler’s Guide to Dehrgada (Mardan Wiseblood, 997 iD)

Introduction: Why Dehrgada?
It’s a question that many have posed to those wishing to travel to the Lone City. Why not Kothens, or Victoriun, or Helsgard? What makes Dehrgada so special? The answers are too numerous to fit in this small packet, but here are just a few:

  • Varied Culture: 
    No other city in the world has so many different cultures melded together like Dehrgada. Walk down Revun Street and you’ll see Ragnar tanners nestled by Dresdi tapestry hawkers next to Baric gearsmiths beside an Ashurad tavern that specializes in the Selysian dish Phau Dius (a specialty of Dehrgada, otherwise impossible to find outside of Kothens). Everyone who enters Dehrgada brings their past with them, and that past helps make Dehrgada stronger and more unique than anywhere else.
  • Advanced Technology:
    The combination of the varied knowledge accumulated in Dehrgada has led it to be the most technologically advanced city in the known world. With harnessed geothermal power from Mount Aragnus, Anbar, and abundance of ambrosia crystals, Dehrgada is able to provide anbaric power throughout the city. Whether from the anbarotram that circles the city or the factories in the Industrial District, evidence of Dehrgada’s domination of the technological landscape is unavoidable.
  • Protection and Safety:
    The Shield Legion works tirelessly to provide a safe and secure city for all Dehrgadans. With a presence on every street and around every corner, and headquarters in each of the tiers of the city, the Shield Legion keeps crime on its toes and out of the lives of the law-abiding Dehrgada citizens.

A Brief History of Dehrgada:
Adventurous Barics first sighted the legendary mainland, which they named Tectun (“the Hidden Land”), in 692, finally proving what scholars had speculated on for centuries: that there existed a land mass to the west, and that it could be reached. Ten years later, the Barics officially established the colony of Gloriun, named after the Baric Empress of Gloriana. The Gloriun colony fared well in this new land, though mostly ignored by the Baric Empire. Little did the colony know that they would soon be joined by another group of travelers. The Intrepid colony was established in 710 by those dissatisfied with the new Baric Emperor, Versiria. The two colonies existed separately for several months, until a particularly devastating winter and several deadly Taken attacks forced them to combine their strengths for the common good. Though the colony kept the Gloriun name, it was now a combination of both colonies in people and ideals. It quickly did away with Ashurad slavery—in defiance of Imperial law—and when Ragnar and Dresdi settlers formed their own colonies on Tectun, Gloriun navigated a peace between them and established trade.

From these inauspicious beginnings the City of Wonders grew. The bonds of trade and fellowship between the individual settlements—Gloriun, Surgard, Qesh’kuil, and the Ashurad Freetown—planted the seeds of independence, that would sprout and grow when the Baric Empire declared war on the Gloriun colony. The leaders of the mainland settlements met in Gloriun, and there they created the Free Writ Act of 754, informing the world that they were their own masters, unfettered by the bonds of the Baric Empire or any other territory. Joining the Ragnar/Dresdi coalition against the Baric Empire, the Colonies of Tectun were a key ally in the War of Baric Aggression, as their port was ideally positioned to give maximum freedom of movement to Dresdi and Ragnar fleets. After the Bombardment of 796 from the Baric Imperial fleet, the Colonies of Tectun were devastated: Port Qesh was a smoking ruin, their warships and trading vessels were destroyed in the harbor, and thousands were left homeless. It wasn’t until the Selysians joined the fighting and the Baric Empire was destroyed that the Colonies were able to begin rebuilding. 50 years later, the Colonies were even more spectacular than they once were, and had merged into a single city-state, taking on a new name: Dehrgada. This name, a combination of the word for “Haven” from all five tribes, represented the ideals of the city; ideals that it has lived up to ever since. A haven for all tribes, a bastion of knowledge and ingenuity, and a shining beacon of peace for the world.

Getting Around:

  • Anbarotram: These are unique to Dehrgada, faster than their cousins in Victoriun, as the anbarotrams of Dehrgada are powered by a combination Anbar and ambrosia. They circle the city, running through each District, and are the fastest and easiest way to travel from one District to another.
  • Street Trolleys: Limited to the Commercial district, these Anbar powered trolleys are often packed with Baric merchants and Dresdi traders moving back and forth from one side of the District to the other. Make sure to have your travel card purchased ahead of time, or risk getting lambasted by a frustrated Dresdi vendor!
  • Rickshaws: The most popular non-pedestrian mode of travel in the Commons District. Simply hold your arm out on the side of the street, and one will quickly pick you up and whisk you off to your destination. Always make sure to tip and thank your driver!
  • Autos: These are very rare, and only owned by the extremely wealthy. If you have a connection, taking a ride in one of these private, self-propelled vehicles is a favor you won’t regret! It is an experience only found in Dehrgada!

Must-See Locations:

  • West Front: The heart of the Industrial District, West Front is the birthplace of many of the technological marvels used in Dehrgada today!
  • Reshka’s Hill: Named for the Ashurad hero Reshka the Bold, Reshka’s Hill is the main commercial center of the Commons. With its taverns and shops, it is an integral stopping point for any Dehrgada traveler.
  • The Cauldron: If handmade and one-of-a-kind Dehrgadan wares are what you’re after, then the Cauldron is the spot for you. Whatever you want, you’ll be able to find it there! Just watch out for pickpockets!

Did You Know?

  • Dehrgada is home to the largest port in the world: Port Qesh! It spans across the entire coastline of the city, and is twice as long as the Dresdi Port Qastra and three times as long as the Baric Port Divitia!
  • The citizens of Dehrgada have an urban legend about a ghost anbarotram that appears in the dead of night to carry away the souls of the deceased. Watch out when taking the tram at night, and make sure you get on the right train!
  • The Ragnar of Dehrgada have a unique practice: believing that they must cultivate nature in the city, they plant a tree for every Ragnar birth. Ragnar are expected to nurse and honor their tree throughout their lives. If you find yourself in the Commons, make sure to take the time to visit the Ragnar Grove in Old Surgard!

Path to Citizenship:
While Dehrgada accepts many travelers with open arms, the increase of hostile elements has led to stricter guidelines on those entering the city. In the interest of safety, the Shield Legion now inspects any and all travelers wishing to enter the walls of the Dehrgada. Those who wish to travel past the outlying Districts into the inner Districts must have their identifying papers in order, or else they risk getting turned away by the Shield Legion. This may seem inconvenient to those used to the lax rules of other cities, but is considered by many Dehrgadans to be worth it as a price for their protection and safety.

Shout Out - Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

If you’re a fan of the Ol’ Squid Face and have been craving a cRPG based on the Cthulu Mythos, then you should be very intrigued by Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones by Cultic Games. It’s described as, “A Lovecraftian computer roleplaying game of horror, loss and madness.” The game takes place in an alternate reality 1920s, where the city of Arkham has inexplicably been transported to a crossroads between dimensions. You take on the role of a custom character, with your single goal being to find an old acquaintance known only as the Dismal Man. The Lovecraft influence shows through in spades through the mechanics, narrative, characters, and art style, resulting in a uniquely horrific take on cRPGs. With inspirations like Planescape: Torment, Fallout (1 & 2), and Heroes of Might & Magic, it’s clear the team is trying to deliver an oldschool-style RPG with player choice, strategy, and depth at the core of the experience. I am particularly excited about their Belief system, which helps define a character’s personality and playstyle, and the effects of madness on combat and roleplaying. Their Kickstarter campaign successfully hit their goal, but there’s only days left to hit those stretch goals (bring on the Dreamlands)! Check it out and tell them we sent you! :D


Pre-Pro Continues! Resource Management & Backer Designs Voting Picks
about 1 year ago – Fri, May 13, 2016 at 03:46:23 PM

Hey it’s May, Nectarines!

Welcome back. Rob here, and it’s that time again to talk mechanics. You asked for it, so we’ll be digging deep today. :D

We’ve been super busy the last month, and charging forward at full speed. We’ve made great progress on game design revisions, story outlining, code and level prototyping, and concept art. We’re still very much in pre-production, but we’re on schedule and things are going smoothly.

Above is a quick rundown from Cohh on our progress, with art and screenshots!

Backer Surveys & Design Surveys

Backer surveys are finally ready! We sent them to BackerKit for review today, so you should get an email very soon allowing you to login to BackerKit and complete your survey. Again, the surveys will remain open for editing for an extended period of time. So if your address changes or you want to grab some additional add-ons, you can do so freely at any time until we choose to lock the surveys down.

We’re also just about done with Design surveys too! We figure it will be easier to handle those personally, so if you pledged at a reward tier above $1,000 you’ll get a message from us about that real soon.

Slacker Backer campaign through BackerKit is still next on the agenda, so we’ll update you as soon as that’s ready to launch (with Paypal).

New Resource Management

Ok, now time for the good stuff. As we all know, resource management is often one of the most important factors in the strategy of a good RPG. In a fight, it determines who stays alive and prompts choices of risk versus reward. Should I use that healing item now, or save it for a potentially more dangerous situation later? Should I cast one big spell, or several small ones instead? These choices, and the economy of how these resources are replenished, form the backbone of the game’s entire strategy. And that’s why we felt it was so important to reassess the systems we’ve already designed and ensure their interactions are creating the type of challenge, drama, and strategy that we want. We think we’ve achieved that with our latest revisions, but you be the judge.

Keep in mind that the systems I’ll be discussing today were originally designed close to three years ago and hadn’t been altered much since that time. So if this sounds pretty different from anything you’ve read from us on the subject before, that’s why. For reference, around that time Kickstarter was still fairly new and Pillars of Eternity crowdfunding had just launched (Project Eternity, at the time). Of course a lot of awesome RPGs have released since then, and we’ve tried to learn as much as we can from them and use that knowledge to improve our own mechanics accordingly. So after playing our Unity prototype extensively, we decided some revisions were in order.

The guidelines we laid out for ourselves were as follows:

  • Resources should always represent interesting choices for the player. 
  • Resources are scarce, the strategy focuses on how and when to best use them. 
  • Basic actions can be used frequently, “game changers” are very limited. 
  • Each playstyle should value different resources, and recharge them differently. 
  • Time is important, and resting is limited. 
  • Mistakes have lasting implications but are not totally unforgiving.

Likely the most important resource, a character’s vitals represent their general well-being and ability to perform different actions. The main thing we wanted to accomplish here was that characters focused on physical, tech, or magical builds would each utilize their vital resources differently.

  • Health - An RPG staple, Health is an abstraction representing the overall condition of the character’s body and ability to keep functioning normally under pain and duress. All characters have Health. When this value drops to zero the character has endured too much trauma, falls unconscious, and begins to bleed out. If a character is not revived or removed from a combat situation before the timer runs out, that character dies permanently. Characters can also be Injured, which reduces their maximum Health until treated by a doctor. 
  • Stamina - The primary resource for performing actions, Stamina represents physical endurance. All characters have Stamina, and it regenerates quickly in and out of combat. This resource is used for basic actions meant to be used frequently, like special attacks and simple spells (just swinging a sword does not consume Stamina). It is also used for modal Talents, which typically offer a bonus and penalty, can be toggled on indefinitely, and toggled off as you choose (like Power Attack, which increases melee damage but reduces accuracy). These abilities “reserve” a specific amount of Stamina while active, effectively reducing the maximum amount of Stamina left for the character to perform other actions. Since it regenerates quickly, Stamina-based actions will be available in every combat situation.
  • Energy - A secondary resource for technical actions, Energy represents electric power stored on the character’s person that can power various gadgets and tools. It’s an acquired resource, so only characters who specialize into technical abilities gain access to it. Energy primarily comes from equipment (like specialized tech armor with built in energy tanks), but it can also be increased by Talents. It regenerates very slowly, but can also be fully restored by certain objects in the environment. Certain abilities, traps, and gadgets require Energy to activate, so those things are meant to be used sparingly and create more dramatic effects.
  • Mana - Similar to Energy, Mana is a secondary resources just for magical actions. It represents mental endurance required for the shaping and releasing of raw magical energy into a specific effect (a spell). It is also an acquired resource, so only characters who specialize into magical abilities gain access to it. Mana primarily comes from Talents, but it can also be increased by Equipment. It does not regenerate naturally, but is fully restored from getting a good night’s sleep. Most spells require Mana to activate, so those are meant to be used sparingly to turn the tide of a conflict with more dramatic effects.

Aside from vitals, time is also a hugely important resource for players to manage. It affects everything from how long effects last, how fast vitals regenerate, and how many actions characters can perform in combat. The main thing we wanted to accomplish here was that time matters, it passes in a noticeable way, but players aren’t a slave to a ticking clock (looking at you Fallout 1).

  • Durational Effects - Since we have both real-time and turn-based combat, all temporary effects are measured in both seconds and rounds. These durations are always shown in real-world time, since the day/night cycle in game is accelerated. A single turn-based round equates to 3 real-world seconds.
  • Time of Day - Since we want time in-game to pass in a noticeable way, that means the day/night cycle needs to be much faster. We decided a 15x faster rate would be ideal, so an hour in-game passes in 4 real-world minutes, and a full day passes every 96 real-world minutes. Time of day will pass at the same rate in and out of combat, and only stops when paused, and when entering turn-based combat or dialog. Resting and other actions can cause long periods of time to pass, so any durational effects are also reduced proportionally. Some in game events will also change depending on the time of day.
  • Action Points (AP) - The primary factor of time in combat is AP, which determines how many actions a character can perform in a single round of combat. All characters have AP, but characters with more can move and act faster. Since actions always cost a set amount of AP, having more AP allows a character to fit more actions into that window of time. In turn-based combat, up to half a character’s max AP can also be saved for the following round (since this is still not any more actions than would be possible in real-time combat).

Rest & Regeneration
Now that we’ve already covered vitals and how time works in-game, that naturally leads into how vitals are recovered. This was a tough choice, and we went back and forth between fast recovery (players approach each encounter at full power) or slow recovery (players have to conserve resources to survive dangerous environments). We asked ourselves questions like how often can the player rest; does it fully recover the party; does it spend any resource to do so? We ultimately looked to our tabletop roots, and decided we would mostly favor slow recovery, where long term survival was more important than simply winning a single fight. And sneaking or talking your way out of a confrontation should be just as viable an option.

  • Waiting - Since we have a day/night cycle, we definitely wanted a way to advance time of day to whatever you want. This also gave us a convenient way to implement a “short rest”, so you can choose to wait for an hour (or more) after a fight without spending anything other than time. This would likely restore all the party’s stamina, and a bit of Health and Energy. The downside though is that in dangerous areas, there’s a chance for ambush (which increases the longer you wait). So you can always catch your breath, but the enemies aren’t just going to be waiting around either. There’s that whole risk/reward thing again. :)
  • Camping - Now sometimes you find yourself deep in a dungeon, all your allies are hurting, and you just want to regroup and recover without trudging all the way back to town. In this situation, just find the safest spot you can and make camp for the night. We wanted to avoid “rest spamming”, so we decided to use a limited resource called Rations. Camping costs 1 Ration, which represents supplies to feed the whole party while they rest (regardless of party size). Camping advances time of day by 8 hours, and fully restores Health, Stamina, and Mana. Similar to Waiting, there’s still a chance of ambush if you rest too close to enemies.
  • Inns - Resting at an inn is basically the same as camping, except it costs money and doesn’t spend any Rations. It’s also totally safe, with no chance of ambush.
  • Injuries - If a character survives critical damage (from bleeding out or a critical hit), they will suffer an Injury. Unlike normal damage inflicted in combat (minor flesh wounds), Injuries represent serious wounds that persist until properly treated. This encourages playing it safe and avoiding damage as much as possible. Each Injury reduces a character’s maximum Health by 10% and also penalizes an Attribute or statistic. The type of Injury is determined randomly, and characters can only receive each type of injury once (at a time). Injuries can only be healed by a doctor.

So what do you think? Do you like this new approach to resource management, and its implications for tactical gameplay? Let us know in the comments below, or this thread on our forums!

Voting Picks

We realized we never updated you all on the results of the voting on backer design submissions, so we’re doing it now! Below is listed the top voted submissions, with their number of votes, and a quick summary of each one’s core concept. We will be including each of these things in-game, but like we said going in, we will of course need to modify them for balance and cohesion. We will try our best to stick to the spirit of your original ideas as best we can though. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Quirks (forum link

  • Bookworm (51) - Bonus to Knowledge skills. 
  • Honest (47) - NPCs like you more, but you can’t lie. 
  • Wind Walker (40) - Bonus to Stealth and Awareness in the wild, but a penalty to Persuasion and Awareness in towns/cities. 
  • Sex Appeal (38) - Bonus to social skills for people attracted to you. 
  • Forgettable (34) - NPC’s forget you easily.

Perks (forum link

  • Tainted by Mist (40) - Deal more damage to Mist monsters, but also gain Mist infection more easily. 
  • Mediator (40) - Gain a bonus to Persuasion after mediating a peace between two factions. 
  • Hoarder (38) - Increased carry capacity. 
  • Leader (38) - After many battles your Companions gain a small morale bonus. 
  • Maker’s Protégé (37) - Learn secret Weaving techniques from a gifted teacher.

Headgear (forum link

  • True Sight Monocle (32) - Able to see enemy stats on first contact. 
  • Mask of Anonymity (27) - NPC’s don’t recognize you while wearing.
  • Sharpshooter Helmet (26) - Bonus to Ranged Accuracy and Awareness. 
  • Voice Amplifier (19) - Grants a cone sonic attack with chance to stun. 
  • Ragnar Fighting Mask (18) - Bonus to Psyche and Intimidation

Buff Item (forum link

  • Night-Eye Injector (17) - See in the dark, but be blinded by bright light. 
  • Oracle Draught (17) - Causes (possibly) insightful hallucinations. 
  • Charmer’s Perfume (15) - Bonus to Persuasion, penalty to Stealth. 
  • Strange Syringe (15) - Target gets a random buff and/or debuff.

Combat Item (forum link

  • Ambrosial Inhibitor (20) - Creates an anti-magic field. 
  • Razor Storm (19, was Tor-Nade-do) - Creates a small tornado full of razor blades. 
  • Dark Crystal (18) - Deals damage and buffs strength, but user starts bleeding. 
  • Dragon Maw (18, was Flamethrower) - Portable flamethrower. 
  • Lachryma Orb (17, was Mist Orb) - Creates a puddle dealing Spirit damage over time. 
  • Snuffer Flask (18, was Fire Grenade) - Fire-extinguisher grenade.

Shout Out - Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime

Did you ever watch that anime, Outlaw Star? The one with the “grappler” spaceships that have arms and engage in melee combat? That’s the first thing I thought of when I ran across Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime by Spiritus Games, and that’s a very good thing. It is described as, “A 2D Action-RPG in Space with Roguelike influences, set in a medieval, folktale-inspired fantasy universe,” where medieval knights in armored spaceships duke it out to decide the fate of the galaxy. The pixel art is gorgeous, and makes use of real-time lighting, which makes the whole surreal retro-futurism aesthetic fit surprisingly well. I’m also particularly excited about the FTL-like text-based special events, that really help flesh out the setting and bring new surprises. With action RPG inspirations like Diablo 2 and Path of Exile, the physics-based combat and procedurally generated environments should make for a fun challenging experience with tons of replayability. So go check out their Kickstarter campaign that just launched a few days ago, and tell them we sent you! :D

Pre-Production! Contracts, Special Thanks, & Bloopers
about 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 08, 2016 at 08:31:36 PM

Happy April Nectarines!

Welcome, welcome. It’s been awhile, but we missed you and wanted to make sure we keep in touch. Rob here, and for our first monthly update we’re talking contracts. Disclaimer: I hate contracts.

A smart developer once said, “You can tell by reading a contract how much a company has been hurt before.” I find that to be funny and accurate, but you’d think that since we’re new, writing contracts would be pretty easy. It’s not, especially when you have no legal experience. Luckily we’ve got a great legal team, but I still need to do most of the work to keep costs down. Needless to say, drafting the contracts, keeping them simple but clear and encompassing, and balancing covering the collective butts of NGS as well as the team members has been trying. So yeah, that’s eaten up a lot of my time since the Kickstarter ended. The good news is those are all out of the way now, and we’ve officially gotten down to business for realz!

You may have also heard the winter-to-spring plague fell upon a bunch of us, so I personally lost a solid week to being tired and miserable. I am glad it happened after the campaign ended (not during), and there’s a good chance I pushed myself too hard during those final days. But rest assured, even with these hiccups it will not affect the timeline we set for the project. We anticipated these kinds of problems and delays, and we still have plenty of buffer time left for anything else that comes up.

I do apologize that we haven’t sent the backer surveys yet, which we expected to do so in February. The contracts got in the way there, and we still need to finish setting everything up in BackerKit. We also discovered that BackerKit allows us to send the surveys soon, but also leave them open for editing for an extended period of time. So that means if your address changes or you want to grab some additional add-ons, you can do so freely at any time until we choose to lock the surveys down.

TL;DR update from Cohh.

Pre-Production, Backer Surveys, & Slacker Backer

So now, we’re officially in full-time paid pre-production. Huzzah! That means we’re really taking a critical eye to all our mechanics and designs (focusing on simplicity and cohesion), fleshing out the rest of the story and characters, doing lots of concept art and prototyping, as well as lots of planning and documentation to ensure things go as smoothly as possible down the road. Pre-production will continue for the first few months of development. So this is the best time to go to our forums and discuss what you do and don't want to see in the game!

Now with contracts done and development back in full swing, our next big priorities are Backer Surveys and the Slacker Backer campaign. Luckily, BackerKit should make it fairly easy to accomplish both of those things. So BackerKit surveys will open soon, and close later. After that, we’ll set up the Slacker Backers campaign as BackerKit preorders (keeping all the info in one place). All the Kickstarter reward tiers will still be available (except for the limited ones), and you’ll even be able to use Paypal. Funds raised through BackerKit will continue adding towards Stretch Goals too.

Special Thanks

Today, I also want to take some time to give special recognition to the awesome people who truly helped our project succeed, and to whom I will forever be indebted.

First of all, to all the NGS Team & Ambassador volunteers who sacrificed countless unpaid hours to take this project from just an idea to an actual games. You guys made every day worth it.

To Jamey Stegmaier, your Kickstarter Lessons blog and Crowdfunding book are my go-to crowdfunding resource. You taught me to always put backer first, and build a business through community. This stuff is required reading before launching a Kickstarter campaign, in my opinion.

To Timothy Cassavetes, James Mathe, and all the members of the Facebook Kickstarter Best Practices Group, your constant advice and support was invaluable to me. I can only imagine how badly things might have gone without your collective wisdom.

To the Cohhilition, your enthusiastic support was crucial in helping us get early momentum and spreading the word when we needed it most. Good show!

To Chris Avellone, you told me to just start making games, so I did. Your games, talent, and attitude are an inspiration.

To Brian Fargo, Swen Svincke, and everyone else who gave our little project a shout out, you gave freely without asking for anything in return. Your generosity is what makes Kickstarter great.

To the Cincinnati IGDA chapter, you guys supported me and the project every step of the way. It has been a privilege to get to know you all and be a part of this community. Let’s make Cincy the next game dev hub no one saw coming!

To our legal team at Thompson & Hine and accountants at Blue & Co, you covered our butts without breaking the budget. I could not recommend your services more.

To all my friends and family, you always believed in me and pushed me towards this dream. I might have given up if it weren’t for you.

To my lovely fiancé Kate, yes we can get married now ;) Your patience, wit, charm, and nerdery are unmatched. You keep me grounded and sane, and I love you more every day.

And to anyone else I didn’t mention by name, I am just as grateful to you for everything you did to help us reach this point. For all the shares, retweets, forum posts, and simple words of support, I thank you for each and every one of them. The overwhelming positivity that you all brought to this campaign was beautiful and humbling. The success of this campaign was truly a group effort, and I want you all to know that you share equally in this success. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D

Blooper Reel

As a special treat, we wanted to give you lovely folks a peek behind the curtain as Cohh and I recorded the Pitch video. Funny story, since we live in different cities, we only had a three hour window to record on the one day I happen to be in Cohh’s town for a wedding. And right after we finished filming, my car got smashed from behind by a stupid kid in a truck who wasn’t paying attention. The accident totalled my car and give me whiplash, but I still made it to my friend’s wedding and proceeded to drive my mangled car back to Cincinnati. For the last couple hours, I sincerely doubted I would make it home without a tow. So yeah, just know the lengths I will go to deliver to our fans. Enjoy! :D

Shout Out: Arcadian Atlas

Today’s shout out goes to Twin Otter Studios, and their sRPG Arcadian Atlas. This game caught our attention with the nostalgic pixelart style, and clear influence from classics of the genre like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. It’s described as a, “Perfectly pixeled isometric SRPG featuring dynamic job classes, character driven plot, strategic grid battles & an eclectic jazz OST,” with, “a thought provoking & ruthless story of love, deceit, murder, companionship and war.” Some of the key features include evolving branching job classes, square grid-based isometric battles, and tactical factors including height, terrain, weather, and obstacles. If you like strategy RPGs with a nostalgic feel, you should check these guys out! They just launched their Kickstarter, so show them some love and tell them we sent you. :)